Rosses Orgasm XXHoliday season started!

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Date: December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas man's It is Rosses and have I got a story . It had been the night before Christmas and there were signs of sex but I was left by my boyfriend Wein . He said that I know that it's got to be large that's like him and because he has not fucked me and he had something special planned for me personally, he tries to fuck me when I'm sleep. We had just finished putting the final touches to the gifts and the Christmas tree. Wein and I started kissing he began touching and caressing my body around, squeezing and rubbing my breast and grab. He rubbed and kissed my butt as he bent me then I sat down and started stroking his penis up and down. I slid it directly in my mouth he'd made me wait for a long time and pulled it out. As he held me by a fist full of my hair I licked and sucked his balls and cock, I deep throated his cock to his balls, as I slurped my way upward, leaving nasty sounds. Our buddy Charlie walked in and handed me a present but the thought crossed my head, I licked, sucked, and deep throated Wein cock since Charlie pulled out his cock to suck on. I wrapped up my horny lips about Charlie quick hardening cock licking and sucking him down and up as nasty as I slid it in and out and knew the way, his finger had slid in my puss and got right into Doggy. Wein spit fingered and spread my cunt open nasty wide as I slobbered all over Charlie's hard cock then I jerked and slurped on their cocks sucking forth and and licking. Charlie went down and began flicking his tongue across my eager and joyful clit, sucking and licking at my snatch, he slid his fingers into and out of my sexy pink hole. I continued sucking on Wein's throbbing cock and enjoying his huge round balls as he reached over and unfastened my top. Charlie started licking my ass hole he slid his penis right in supporting, fucking my pussy with long hard strokes as I sucked and slobbered all over Wein joyful meat and spit directly in my cunt. Charlie went upwards and above fucking me ball cunt slapping. Wein put me down on my back and I stuffed Charlie's cock inside my mouth, Wein shoved his cock and laid behind my and started ramming his thickness deep. Wein pulled his cock gaping me open wide, then he began poking at his penis into my hole repeatedly. I am not certain but it felt quite god along with my cunt made nasty sounds each time he went me up. Wein slid his cock out of my cluttered puss and I got up on my elbows, licking, suckingand stroking off them, Wein grabbed me by my hair and fucked my face great then I got on top Charlie and he stuffed his big cock in my small ass. Charlie rubbed against my twat since Wein slipped my shoes off and nylons and fucked my ass hard, fast, and powerful. Me rolled over into spoon with his cock never leaving my bum, Wein came around and I licked and sucked him off out of his balls up as Charlie was having his own way with my bum. He pulled his cock from my ass long enough to catch up on his knees, I reached back and spread my buttocks, he spit then shoved his thick cock back up in me. He fucked my butt paying no attention at all to the tight tight fit, he just kept pounding off extending my bum hole. He reeled his cock out of my ass and pulled off my panties then Wein spun me and lifted my leg up high. He started ramming it as hard and as deep as he could and then stuffed his thick throbbing cock, Charlie came about and sat directly in my face and I licked his ass and balls. Wein pulled his cock from my ass gaping it wide then shoved his cock back in. Wein laid down and I got at the top, sliding his cock and then fucking my face to confront Charlie arrived around and stuffed with his cock in my ass and they fucked me greater than ever before. They slid in and out their thick meaty cocks from the hot holes tough, fast, and strong. Charlie pulled his cock from my ass to allow me to suck and lick Wein continued sliding his penis in and out. As I continued bobbing my head getting Charlie all slicked 20, wein got up and fucked my ass from behind. Wein fucked my hole as soon as he could before pulling out then I got on top of Charlie where Wein left driving his cock up in my 37, and that he picked up right. I licked and sucked the thick throbbing cock since Charlie had his prick plugging up my 43, getting him ready for another around in my cunt, sliding his glistening cock out from my cunt of Wein. Wein and I started kissing then he grabbing me from my neck and then started pulling my hair I got up on my knees, licking, sucking, and stroking them off until they shoot their loads all within my mouth, and then in my head and tits. I sucked her cum dripping cocks back. Wishing you a many and really Merry Christmas to all a good night!

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