Rikk York in chains Leather Hunk Edged in Chains

Tags: Chains   Oral Sex   Stud   Leather Gloves   Tickling   Rope Bondage   Gay   Prostate Stimulation   Male Sub   Bdsm

Category: BDSM

From: menonedge

Date: September 13, 2016

Sebastian and Jackson are waiting for Rikk York in the Armory’s boiler room. The dick is already screaming at his leather pants as it rubs against him. They emerge from the shadows and chain Rikk York to the wall, releasing his gorgeous cock. Jackson slow worships Rikks balls, and brings to his ears the sounds of Rikks gagged moans. Rikk attempts to push his weight down Jackson's throat by pushing his hips against the restraints. But Sebastian pulls Jackson away. After a brief exchange, Rikk and Sebastian decide to switch to double hitachi. Rikk is strapped in a bondage chair with his legs extended to expose his hole. Jackson and Sebastian suck on Rikk's feet and touch his vulnerable and exposed toes. Rikk is about to reach his limit when Sebastian shovels the hole in his femur while Jackson strokes Rikk's fleshjack. The stud begs Rikk to have a fucksaw. Sebastian offers to pay Rikk a reward for his patience, and Jackson takes a big chunk of the lump from the stud. Jackson is relieved and Rikk gives Jackson a bite of the hot cum.

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