Faye Taylor in No boys Tena slip yoga

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Date: May 24, 2019

My apartment is my exercise room. A yellow vest and matching yellow socks are on me. Converse white sneakers are on my feet. A Tena Slip Plus diaper is strapped around my soggy bum. My back is a little sore, so I took out my yoga mat and tried some floor stretches. My unicorn poster is my motivation to get in shape and give me magic energy. To ease tension and improve my mood, I do my yoga on the ground. My Tena Slip Plus is full to the brim. My bum can squelch when I move on the mat. I also love the feeling of being soaked. Although I feel more relaxed each time, I don't want to stop. It would be great if more people could do their exercise in a wet diaper.

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