Bralick in Country Jerkin

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Date: August 30, 2006

Bralick's accent was not learned in acting classes and the rodeo belt buckle and cowboy hat were not worn as part of his costume. Bralick is pure country and packs a huge slab of meat that rivals a mile. Although it isn't a mile long, 9A" thick is certainly big. And when the meat tumbles from a slim, lean frame of 5A7A", it's quite massive. Bralick quickly relates his story about his wifebeater. His muscles look almost like a chocolate-covered anatomy chart. It shows what a 6 pack with perfect pecs and flaring arms should look like. We haven't seen the tube steak peeking through his pants yet, but we can tell that he is determined to. He quickly puts the tube steak back into his shorts, and then he drops it. His jeans touch the ground and his legs are so long that his pants drop to the floor. We will cherish this profile photo. The perfectly round curves of his ans and his overly packed pouch that now extends to his hips, are on one side. The camera follows him up as he takes in his perfect ass beneath that small and fat waist. He then grabs his hat to play hide and seek with the rest of the group. He is clearly having a great time stroking the pole, with plenty of room for his hands. He spreads his legs out wide with the heavy bag in the middle. The sheer length and width of the sack becomes the foundation for all our wet dreams. Bralick lies on his back, his muscles glowing, covering his lower abdomen and thighs in a heavy, impressive load.

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