Aiden Starr in straight Another Hot Newbie having her First Electro Experience!

Tags: Straight   Humiliation   Lesbian   Lezdom   Bdsm   Zapper   Electro Plug   Pain   Femdom   Cattle Prod   Lesbian Anal

Category: BDSM

From: electrosluts

Date: September 16, 2012

Episode 1: Maia Davis is a relative novice to porn. She's even more new to electrosex and lesbian BDSM. Aiden Starr graciously offers to teach Maia the basics of electrosex and lesbian BDSM. Aiden wires Maia's cunt up to a plate that is connected to a microphone. This makes it possible for her to be shocked every time she makes a noise. Aiden, a Samurai brandishing, mercilessly assaults Maia's wet cunt. Maia learns that for every ounce, there is a pound pain...and often a bitch mistress.

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